Worst Comic Comics: 2015/04/01 – Wonder Wardrobe!

Wonder Woman had her first appearance in December of 1941 in All-Star Comics #8. Created by William Marston Moulton, Elizabeth Moulton and Olive Byrne, she was conceived as a model to demonstrate the power of women and as an inspiration to girls. Over the years, her role as an icon of feminism and gender equality has only grown.

Like any character that has existed for nearly three quarters of a century, Wonder Woman’s appearance has evolved over time. For some reason though when her costume is changed to cover her legs (even if it is with skin tight leggings that are really just the same legs but with a different color), some members of fandom lose their minds. They blame feminists or political correctness or a disregard for tradition instead of recognizing a temporary change for what it is. Costumes change … they have before and they will again. I haven’t liked every costume change in the past but I hardly think having a woman wear pants in 2015 is a mind-boggling event.

To honor WW’s past, I thought it might be nice to take a tour of some of her old alternative costumes. Try to keep an open mind and let me know your favorites! Regardless of the fabric on the outside, it is the character on the inside that has the ability to inspire us all. Thanks to the artists, writers and actresses that have breathed life into the most important female comic character of them all!

Comic Comics 0021 - 0030_1


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