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Welcome to the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! first (and maybe last) dedicated page to all things Doctor Who. We know this is an area we need to do more work with, so be patient with us as we get all of the timey-wimey stuff sorted out.

While all of the crew is invited here, you will primarily see Brent and Jerry providing comments and reviews here. The guys went to college together, friends for more than 25 years, comic book nerds and sci-fi fans through and through. HOWEVER, there is one thing that separates the guys, which would be Doctor Who.

  • Brent LOVES Doctor Who. Brent goes bonkers over the new series and new books and new merchandise. Brent’s daughter is so lucky her mom is sane and normal, or Brent might have named his daughter Companion. Brent is so into this series, he has set up a weekly That Time on Doctor Who meme over at the Word of the Nerd website – see the link below!
  • Jerry really doesn’t love Doctor Who. It’s just OK. In college, Jerry would stay in his dorm room and study (which truthfully was just code for “playing Super Tecmo Bowl”) rather than hang out with Brent to watch VHS recordings of old Doctor Who episodes taped off of a PBS station in Toledo. Even today, Jerry tried the recent series, but got bored with #11 and moved on.

secondopinionAnd that leads us to Second Opinion. For the start of the new season, Brent and Jerry will be reviewing the new adventures of #12. Hopefully between the two of us, we can provide a fan perspective and an honest perspective on the upcoming season of Doctor Who. Look for the review of the first episode next Saturday, which we will post shortly before the premiere of the second episode.

Meanwhile, take a minute to review some of the WCPE coverage of Doctor Who that we have done earlier this year.

Second Opinion:




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