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Join us in supporting these Kickstarter campaigns! The Active campaigns are listed first on the page, followed by Completed campaigns that were fully funded and supported by WCPE as well.

Ends March 31, 2017: The Golden Guard

Vito Delsante (w), (a/ca) Carlos Cabaleiro

THE GOLDEN GUARD is about a Golden Age team that finds themselves transported to today and what they see and learn about the modern world shocks them to their collective core. The American dream is dying. Black men are being killed by police. Persecution of gay men and women. Sexism. Racism. Islamophobia. And the question they need to ask themselves is, “Do we go back to change the world for the better or do we accept the world for what it is and change it now?” Somewhat political, but definitely thought provoking, THE GOLDEN GUARD is not your typical superhero comic.

Ends June 2, 2016: Pop Star Assassin

Ed Lavallee (w), Matt Cashel (w), Marcelo Basile (a), JM Ringuet (ca)
WCPE Coverage

‘A lysergic trip to the heart of American CONSPIRANOIA.’ Gorgeous art and a heart-pounding pace make this a must read. Both writers are from the KC area so support some local talent by backing this project! You can also hear Jerry talk to Ed about the project as a part of Episode 98 with our 2016 FCBD coverage.

Ends June 4, 2016: Mongrel City Rumble

Alex Maday (w), Charity Buhain (a)

Revenge or justice? Sometimes the line is pretty thin and Steve is walking that line. Someone has stolen credit for his demo tape and he is a fixin to get it back. He also has some funky psychedelic powers and his bestie is a mutant cat. There is also a smoking Geisha. This one is closing in on the end so get out there and give it some love. If you like some funky comic action, this one looks like a winner!

Ends June 18, 2016: NIGHTSMOKE Volume Two: Up For Air

Scott Drummond (w/a)
WCPE Coverage

This book has the feel of the classic teenage Spider-Man. An experiment gone wrong leaves David with the ability to turn into smoke. Will he learn to manage these new abilities while dealing with all the twists and turns of having new friends and enemies? Like you, we hope to find out. KC creator Scott Drummond does it all for this extremely fun super-hero origin story. If you want to know more, check out John’s interview with Scott from C2E2.


Ends June 25, 2016: Tiny

Roland Mann (w), Deonna Herrold (a)
WCPE Coverage

This comic adaptation of the Thumbelina fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen is nothing short of gorgeous. Written by Roland Mann with art by Deonna Herrold, this comic should be a perfect for young readers. You wouldn’t be able to tell it by these pictures but this is Deonna’s first comic work. Based on what we’ve seen, we hope it won’t be the last!




Completed March 26, 2015: The Princess Who Saved Herself

Greg Pak (w), Jonathan Coulton (w), Takeshi Miyazawa (a)
WCPE Coverage

The campaign raised $111,759 with a goal of $15,000. Congratulations!


Completed December 12, 2015: Barrens #1

CW Cooke (w), Bryan Timmons (a)
WCPE Coverage

The campaign raised $3,477 with a goal of $2,000. Congrats to the creators and everyone at Project-Nerd Publishing! Oh and we totally got the Erin Lei as Esme Ford cosplay cover.


Completed December 19, 2015: Great Big Hawaiian Dick

B. Clay Moore (w) and Friends (a)

The campaign raised $20,794 of their $10,000 goal.  Congratulations to all involved!


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