Interview with Artist Chris Grine – Planet Comicon 2015

Chris Grine is a writer and artist living and working in Kansas City. He has created and launched the wildly popular Chickenhare which is available via Amazon, Comixology, and everywhere a Scholastic Book Order form can be found.

Chris was super kind and sat down with us at Planet Comicon where we discussed Chickenhare, creating all-ages properties, and some future opportunities he has coming up.

<This podcast has been archived. Please contact WCPE ( and we will be happy to provide you the digital file.>

Chickenhare 1 screenshot268screenshot269



Find out more about Chris and his work by following some of the links below

Thanks to Chris for speaking to the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!  We can’t wait to see him again soon and hope he continues finding professional success with Chickenhare and all of his future efforts!

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