Interview with Artists David Marquez and Tara Rhymes, TFAW Portland Signing

The downtown Portland home of Things From Another World hosted artists David Marquez and Tara Rhymes on October 7, 2015, to celebrate the release of Invincible Iron Man #1. David is the new artist on the book, and one-third of the team responsible for the creator-owned project with Tara and R.J. Ryan, The Joyners In 3D.  In the interview, Tara and David talk about the process for creating ANAGLYPH 3D, and the way they used it in the process of storytelling. Tara also shares some of the differences between typical 3D rendering and what the creative team was working to achieve visually for the book.


I also had the opportunity to ask David about being one of the first four books from the All-New, All-Different Marvel lineup and if there is any pressure for setting the tone for the launch of a new wave of books.



  • You can follow David via his Twitter feed or his Facebook page.
  • You can follow Tara via her Twitter feed.
  • You can follow R.J. Ryan via his Twitter feed.

You can find other awesome creator-owned books at Archaia, and the worlds largest sandbox of heroes at Marvel Comics.

A giant Thank YOU! to Tara and David for staying after a three-hour signing event to do the interview. You were both incredibly gracious with your time.

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