Mind MGMT in Review with Omaha Bound

image-1If you have been following the podcast you know that I have been giving Matt Kindt’s masterpiece Mind MGMT a lot of love for years. Now Matt has collaborated with Tim Benson at OmahaBound to create a gorgeous two volume bound deluxe set of the entire 36 issue run. These are the original issues including the cover advertisements that are really extra content for the book – these were NOT included in the hardback bound volumes of the book. The set was curated by Matt Kindt himself and several of the sets were put together from his personal copies of the series. No one does this kind of binding like Tim Benson. No one.

To celebrate the release of the series, I got together with Tim and our friend Jeff Lawler (a writer himself) to discuss the brain altering world of Mind MGMT. From our love of Meru to our complex emotional journey with Henry Lyme, we thrilled to the journey of these amazing characters and their larger than life adventures. We recorded this discussion in six parts – one for each hardcover volume of the book.

It is important to note that this we absolutely spoil the heck out of this book so you should not listen to this before you have read the book. I even invite you to reread each volume before listening to the discussion because there are almost certainly aspects that you have forgotten (especially if you are like me). For me these conversations were a very fun way to revisit one of my favorite reads in my life as a comic book enthusiast.

volume-1-cover   volume-2-cover   volume-3-cover


Volume 1: The Manager

Volume 2: The Futurist

Volume 3: The Home Maker

Volume 4: The Magician

Volume 5: The Eraser

Volume 6: The Immortals

volume-4-cover  volume-5-cover  volume-6-cover

And here are some extra pictures of the bound collection! To find out more, go over to the OmahaBound site!

image-2 image-3 image-4




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