Interview with Artist Frank Cho – San Diego Comic Con 2015

Face it, Tiger! You’ve hit the jackpot! It’s the Frank Cho interview podcast!

For nearly 20 years, Frank has been a mainstay at the San Diego Comic-Con, and in the comic strip & comic book industry. Having started a successful strip while attending the University of Maryland (Go Terps! Fear the Turtle!!), Frank spun that out into the successful Liberty Meadows comic strip, which was later reprinted by Image Comics.

That led to opportunities at Marvel, where he has drawn Spider-Man, Shanna, and Wolverine, among others. He’s also not afraid to have some fun with his illustrations, especially ones featuring the babes. Sometimes he starts conversations, and sometimes he provokes controversies. Either way, he has put together some brilliant images. (We didn’t share it here, but use your Google machine to find Frank’s Mary Jane Watson picture that was just posted last week. It’s not really safe for here or work, but it’s still fun to look at!)

Serving as WCPE’s roving reporter on the San Diego con floor, John got a few minutes in with Frank. The two talked about how Frank went from a college newspaper strip to be the artist on the upcoming Totally Awesome Hulk title with writer Greg Pak. In addition, Frank has two other projects in the works — Skybourne from BOOM! Studios and World of Payne from Flesk Publications.

Here are some samples of Frank’s work – past, present, and future!

cho_libertymeadows    cho_shanna      cho_hulk2

Find out more about Frank Cho and his work by following some of the links below.

A big thank you to Frank Cho for talking with John for the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!

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