Interview with Cartoonist Jason Chatfield – San Diego Comic Con 2015

I struck up a conversation with Jason Chatfield when he was doing a signing at the GoComics booth and we had such a great time that we decided to schedule an interview. We sat down at the National Cartoonists Society table on Saturday and had a very fun interview with over 100,000 of our closest friends walking around. Jason is the fifth person to write and draw the most famous comic strip that most of you have never read. Ginger Meggs is an Australian comic strip that was created in the early 1920’s and you can think of him as a bit of a cross between Dennis the Menace and Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. Jason has been creating the strip since 2007 and it is now syndicated in over 34 countries! Ginger Meggs is so loved in Australia that there is an exhibit that started last weekend at the Museum of Sydney that runs until November. You can read about the exhibit here.

Jason had some great stories about working on the strip including some of the difficulties in translating Australian slang into other languages. He is also hilarious, friendly and a great storyteller. Besides all that, he has that Australian accent that drives the ladies crazy.

Listen below for our full discussion with Jason.

Below you can see three images of Ginger Meggs. The first two are by original creator Jimmy Bancks with the last one by Jason.

ginger1  Ginger52  ginger2

Find out more about Jason and Ginger by following some of the links below.

Thanks to Jason for sitting down with the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!  We hope that this inspires you to head over to GoComics to check out more of the icon of Australian popular culture. G’Day!

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