Interview with Inker Mick Gray – San Diego Comic Con 2015

Let’s be honest. Inkers do not get enough credit. Forget the jokes about them being tracers. They really do serve as the second artist on many books. A lot of times we don’t even recognize a good inker when we see one. Because when the inking is done well, that credit tends to fall back on the original penciler of the book. So finding a good inker can be a challenge.

While wandering Artist Alley at the San Diego Comic-Con, John encountered one of best inkers in the business. Mick Gray, who has been inking by hand or on the computer since the late 1980s. Over his career, he has done a little bit of everything and helped produce some amazing books like Promethea and the Joker OHC. Most recently, Mick’s work has been seen in the pages of Batman and Robin, detailing the adventures of young Damian Wayne.

John and Mick spent some time talking about Damian, and give a tease or two towards the upcoming Robin: Son of Batman title that started this summer.

Here are some past and present examples of Mick’s work.

gray_promethea  gray_batmanrobin  gray_robin

Find out more about Mick and his work by following the links below.

A big thank you to Mick Gray for talking with John for the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!

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