Kickstarters We Love! – Ghost Assassin

We love comics and we love creators who take their visions and dreams and bring them to life outside of the traditional publishing processes.  This week we interviewed Adam Watson to talk about his project, Ghost Assassin, and the ongoing Kickstarter campaign.

Ghost Assassin is the tale of a hitman-for-hire who has the ability to see and interact with ghosts. Unfortunately for David the ghosts are the people he’s murdered.

Adam’s journey to bring this book to life has taken some wild turns and his marketing and distribution channel plan is just what the comic industry is needing right now. (hint: What are you reading at the tattoo shop while you get inked?)

The art for this project is handled by Joel Cotejar and Charles Carvalho with coloring by Edward Bola and Gulliver Silva.  The cover for issue #1 is penciled by Joel Cotejar with coloring by Ceci De La Cruz.

Adam will be at I Like Comicon February 10 – 11 with merch and information about the project and the Kickstarter campaign runs through February 21st.

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