Win the Black Panther Statue with an iTunes Review

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Would you like to win this awesome Kotobukiya Black Panther statue? Your answer should be YES!

To be entered into the drawing, all that we ask is that you write an iTunes review and rating for the Worst Comic Podcast EVER! Be honest – if you think we stink, or if you think we are awesome, put that into the review. Your reviews will help other podcast listeners find out about WCPE!

This drawing will run from the start of O Comic Con to the end of Kansas City Comic Con. Anyone that posts an iTunes review on or by August 14, 2016, will be entered into a drawing for this statue. Make sure we can tell whose review is whose because we want to give this statue to the right person.

For those in the Kansas City area, we will personally get the statue to you. Outside of Kansas City, we ask that you be willing to cover the shipping costs.

Any questions, let us know. Otherwise, we expect to see your iTunes review soon. Good luck!

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  1. WCPE Episode 107 – O Comic Con Recap and Grace Ellis Panel – WORST. COMIC. PODCAST. EVER!

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