Kickstarters We Love – Tiny by Roland Mann and Deonna Herrold


Over the last couple of years, the guys at the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! have become big fans of using Kickstarter to fund comic book projects. It allows creators to develop their books without corporate interference.

There is a new Kickstarter beginning today for Tiny from writer Roland Mann and artist Deonna Herrold. Tiny is a comic book interpretation of the Thumbelina fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen. This is a fantastic all-ages book that takes the legendary tale and adds a touch of Disney Princess magic to create an incredible comic.

Writer Roland Mann is no stranger to the world of comics, having written and edited comics since his days in college. WCPE recently interviewed Roland at the Lebanon MEGA Con earlier this month.

Looking at her work, you would believe artist Deonna Herrold to be a veteran comic creator, but this is her first comic project. Check out Deonna’s Tumblr and DeviantArt pages to see more of her work.

If you are in Florida this weekend, both Roland and Deonna will be set up at MegaCon in Orlando. Stop by and say hi, see pages from Tiny, and find a way to support the project.

The Kickstarter launched earlier today and runs through June 25. This will be a two-issue project. The first issue is done, and the second is in development. We have already made our pledge to Tiny, and we think you should too!

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