John Dugan Panel from Lebanon MEGA Con


John-Dugan-As-Grandpa-In-The-Original-Texas-Chainsaw-MassacreThe Lebanon MEGA Con debuted last month with a solid line-up of diverse actors, wrestlers, comic book creators and more. One of those actors is John Dugan, who made his film acting debut in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 1974. Dugan starred as Grandpa, the patriarch of the Sawyer clan who extended his life for many years by feasting on the blood of their victims. Dugan has reprised his role as Grandpa in some of the recent sequels, appearing in more TCM movies than anyone else.

In the panel, we get the inside scoop on how Dugan went from doing children’s theater in Chicago to co-starring in one of the legendary horror movies of all time. We discussed what it was like to film that movie in the middle of the summer in Texas, and whether or not the movie should be considered gory. John gave us the inside scoop on how they did the special effects on the movie then compared to the modern techniques today. We finished the panel by getting a list of his upcoming projects,

For more on Dugan’s  current activities and appearances, check out John on Facebook.

Thanks again to the Lebanon MEGA Con and to John Dugan for allowing the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! to moderate this panel. Look for our interviews with comic book creators John Lucas and Roland Mann coming out soon.


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