Interview with the Solution Squad Creative Team from C2E2

Last month at C2E2 I was able to sit down for a bit with Jim McClain and Serena Guerra. Jim is the creator of Solution Squad – a team of teenaged superheros that solve problems and fight bad guys using their superpowers and the power of mathematics. The team features members (Absolutia, La Calculadora, Equality, Abscissa, Ordinate, and Radical) whose powers are analogous to certain functions or properties of mathematics. For instance, Equality can have powers equal to anyone around her. Absolutia can raise or lower the temperature around her but it takes just as much effort to raise as it does to lower (sorta like an absolute value).

Solution Squad #1 is written by Jim with interior art by Rose McClain and origins with art by professionals like George Perez, Jamal Igle and Ryan Ottley. The origins give complete backgrounds, origins and descriptions of the powers of each member of the team showing a surprising (at least to me) level of background on each character. The story in issue one gives us a chance to get to know the personality of each character and see them in action together.

Jim is working on using the comic and its characters to engage students in a fun and interesting way in learning mathematics and joining him on the next issue is very talented artist Serena Guerra fresh off of her work on The Mice Templar and becoming a Mom. Serena’s schedule opened up at just the right time to allow her to draw, ink and color the next adventure of the Teens of Trig! You may remember that we did an interview with Serena last year at Planet Comicon.


Thanks to Jim and Serena for sitting down with me. For more information about Solution Squad, head over to


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