Thoughts on the new Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

As a fan of Arrow and The Flash on the CW, I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Legends of Tomorrow, the show which spins out of both. Next week, the two parent shows will crossover for a two part episode that should amp up the excitement for LoT to the next level. Part 1 of the crossover will take place on The Flash on December 1st with the second part to next night on Arrow with episodes titled Legends of Today and Legends of Yesterday respectively. The actual LoT pilot doesn’t air until Thursday, January 21st (January 20th if you live in Australia – I guess I’ll just wait).

I have some thoughts on this new show but before I get to that take a look (if you haven’t already) at the trailer for the crossover and the trailer for LoT.

Dudes don't like this costume as much as the old one.

Caity Lotz tells us that White Canary is no villain!

This series definitely has the feel of a Justice League show although with a special mission. The Atom, Firestorm, and Hawkgirl have all been members of the JL. White Canary wasn’t a member of the JL but Black Canary was and that is pretty close (There was a White Canary in the comics but she was a villain and a completely different character). I generally wouldn’t consider Captain Cold or Heat Wave as Justice League material and Rip Hunter has occasionally shown up to help but not as a regular.

You'd reincarnate for a chance to fly with this woman again.

Ciara Renee takes flight as Hawkgirl!

Viewers of The Flash are already familiar with Firestorm, Captain Cold and Heat Wave from season 1 and we have recently been further introduced to Hawkgirl who had a very brief cameo in the Flash season 1 finale looking up at the singularity. Recently Cisco has been vibing on Kendra Saunders aka Hawkgirl. It seems to me as if Hawkgirl has no awareness of her past lives but she learns about them from Carter Hall aka Hawkman. This suggests that he remembers their collective pasts but that she does not mirroring some events from the Geoff Johns written run of Justice Society of America. As I’ve seen more of her than him so far, I’m curious to see exactly what his role is in Legends of Tomorrow. I’d actually prefer to see Hawkgirl without Hawkman all the time. We shall see.

When the first trailers started coming out about LoT, I was curious as to why we saw Professor Stein but no good looks of Firestorm. We now know the reason is that Ronnie Raymond was not going to be the body of Firestorm any more. In the new trailer, we see that Jax Jackson is going to be continuing as the active part of Firestorm while Professor Stein will be the silent partner.

Didn't I used to be Superman?

Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer aka The Atom.

Joining the show from Arrow will be White Canary and the Atom. I love Brandon Routh as the technical genius Ray Palmer but I wish his ATOM suit just shrank without all the other bells and whistles. Most folks that don’t know the Atom’s history are going to see a combination of Iron Man and Ant-Man and I can’t blame them. I even made fun of the similarity here. White Canary has been having some issues of late. By that I mean she died. Then she got a little bit better – her body came back but the soul was still absent. Thanks to John Constantine’s show getting canceled, he was able to help Ollie get her spirit back in the right place and she seemed on the mend when we last saw her.

Rip Hunter is going to draw inevitable comparisons to Dr. Who particularly since the actor who plays Rip was a companion for the eleventh Doctor. Just to clarify, Hunter’s first appearance was in 1959 while Dr. Who came four years later. For about as long as I can remember, Hunter has mostly served as a plot device to help other characters move through time and it certainly appears that this is the case here as well. Luckily serving as a companion certainly gave him the experience to fill this role.

Evil glare ... check.

Casper Crump as Vandal Savage.

Vandal Savage is a perfect foil for this team. In comics, Savage was actually a cave man that gained immortality from a passing comet (not the strangest origin I’ve ever heard). He also seemed to gain intelligence and enhanced strength. Savage can take the long view and accumulate power over centuries. I’m not sure why they can’t just take all their fancy tech into the past and wipe him out but we’ll see. It looks like we will see his story interact with that of the Hawks which may help with their motivation.

Another theme of this show may be the effect of making changes to the time stream. We see a brief image of Professor Stein’s wedding ring disappearing and Cap Cold interacting with his younger self. Many of these characters have haunted pasts and the desire to make changes in their personal histories may be too difficult to resist.

The first season of Legends of Tomorrow is set to run for 16 episodes and if the videos above are representative of the series as a whole it will be action-packed. Looks like my DVR is going to need a bigger hard drive!

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