Four Comics I Want for NCBD: 2015/06/15



OK, I got a question for all of you – who’s #1? Well, obviously you, our loyal reader is #1 in our hearts. And I like to think that I am #1 in your hearts. It appears that the Kansas City Royals are #1, if you were to look at the All-Star Game voting totals. But lets stick to comics, because I know something else that is #1. This list of four comics I want for New Comic Book Day on June 17. Publishers are cranking out a lot of new titles this week, so this list is going to look at four new #1 issues hitting shelves tomorrow.

Astronauts in Trouble #1 ($2.99, Image Comics): Yes, this is a new #1, but the title started around 15 years ago over at AiT/Planet Lar. With the start of this new chapter or series, writer Larry Young and artist Charlie Adlard have moved the title over to Image for wider distribution and hopefully a greater audience. The story remains the same, with a group of astronauts trying to reach the moon in 1959, while the intrepid reporters of the Channel Seven newsteam looks to break an exclusive story. Having read some of these tales years ago, I’m really excited to see this book back on the shelves this week.

Justice League of America #1 ($5.99, DC Comics): We seem to get a new Justice League every 10 years or so, that reflects the world at large. In the mid 1980s, the Justice League introduced us to the “Bwah-ha-ha-ha” era of the team. In the mid 1990s, Grant Morrison and Howard Porter gave us JLA in all of it’s over-the-top glory – bigger heroes, bigger threats, bigger events. In 2006, Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes rebooted the team with Justice League of America, which paired the traditional members of the league with a new set of heroes. That brings us to 2015, and the writing and art duties have been given to Bryan Hitch. If you haven’t read the 2000 Justice League: Heaven’s Ladder tabloid comic from Mark Waid and Hitch, you are missing out on a breath-taking display of the JLA. The art in that book is so spectacular, and I can’t wait to see what Hitch has planned with the team this time.

Minions #1 ($3.99, Titan Comics): Who doesn’t love the Minions from the Despicable Me movies? The banana-loving loyal servants of Gru have graduated into their own movie later this summer, and now their own comic from Titan. I’ll be honest, I am unfamiliar with writer Didier Ah-Koon and artist Renaud Collin. I’m sure they are talented enough to handle a book like this. The Minions just crack me up. I really think there might be a mad scramble to see who gets to read this first in my house – me or my minions John and Zoe. Maybe we’ll compromise and read it together.

Thors #1 ($3.99, Marvel Comics): So this is one of the titles we have all been waiting for since Marvel started announcing their Battleworlds books. We get Jason Aaron* writing a police procedural where the labor force is every incarnation of Thor that we have seen over the years. That means Thor Odinson and Jane Foster Thor and Beta Ray Bill and Storm Thor and even Frog Thor, as well as many, many more, work to help enforce the law in Doctor Doom’s empire. Given the number of Norse thunder gods in every panel, you’re probably wondering if any mere mortal is up to the challenge to render this art. Thankfully, Chris Sprouse is the man, stepping up to pencil more panel after panel of hammer-wielding Thors. Just pick up this book, you will thank me (and Jason and Chris) later!

* Yes, we will keep putting one of Jason Aaron’s books on this list every week until he agrees to sit down with us for some BBQ and a podcast recording. And even then we will probably keep putting his books on this list because they are that good!

As always, WCPE is so happy to be publishing #FCIW with the support of Elite Comics in Overland Park, KS. William and the Elite Crew run a friendly, clean, and safe comic shop which is welcoming to all and supportive of many local and national non-profits including The Hero Initiative. Stop in, pick up these four books, and let the gang at Elite Comics know that the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! sent you over.

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