Four Comics I Want for NCBD: 2015/08/12

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secretwars5   startrekgreenlantern2

I got to be honest with you, the afterglow of Kansas City Comic Con is starting to wear off. I still want to share stories, and look at everyone’s pictures. However, the reality is that it’s time to go back to work, pay the bills, get the kids ready for school, and so on. But there is still hope. Because if today is Tuesday, that means tomorrow is NEW COMIC BOOK DAY!! Yes indeed, fresh new comics for your reading enjoyment. Let’s take a quick look at the four comics I want this week.

Beauty #1 ($3.50, Image Comics): Many moons ago, Image Comics ran a new program called Pilot Season, which presented readers with a look at six possible future titles for the publisher, and readers could vote on which one they wanted to see most. The hands-down winner was Beauty, a title co-written by Jeremy Haun and Jason Hurley, with art by Haun, Jump ahead a few years and we are finally granted the complete first issue of a new ongoing series. We live in a world where everyone wants to be beautiful. If you had the option to guarantee your beauty, but it would come with a price, would you take it? Read the first issue to find out how much it might cost you.

Note! Look for a podcast interview with Jeremy Haun on the Kansas City Comic Con show floor later this week!

DC Comics Bombshells #1 ($3,99, DC Comics): The digital-first stories of the DC Bombshells finally come to printed form. Based on a series of prints and statues, the lady heroes are leading the fight to help the Allies win World War II. With Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl leading the way, the Axis powers stand no chance to this lineup of female power. Writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Marguerite Sauvage combine their talents to bring to life the wonderful characters designed by Ant Lucia.

Secret Wars #5 ($3,99, Marvel Comics): Do you really need a reason why you should be picking it up?!?!? Start with a Jonathon Hickman story. Add in art by Esad Ribic. Bam, that’s it. That’s all you need. I know it’s still just Tuesday, but head to your LCS now so you can be first in line on Wednesday to pick up this book (and the three others I’m picking). Seriously, if you are not buying this book, I have to question our friendship. Just puttin’ it out there.

Star Trek/Green Lantern #2 ($3.99, IDW): This really falls into the category of “I can’t believe they haven’t told this story below.” Taking a 1960s Gil Kane-inspired Hal Jordan and having him meet up with the JJ Abrams-directed Star Trek crew is a dream pairing. Six different lantern rings have chosen new bearers – some from the crew of the Enterprise, and some who may be foes of Kirk and company. This is written by Mike Johnson, who has overseen the IDW Star Trek books for the last five years, and done a great job of telling new stories while honoring the history of the initial cast and creators.

As always, WCPE is so happy to be publishing #FCIW with the support of Elite Comics in Overland Park, KS. William and the Elite Crew run a friendly, clean, and safe comic shop which is welcoming to all and supportive of many local and national non-profits including The Hero Initiative. Stop in, pick up these four books, and let the gang at Elite Comics know that the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! sent you over.

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