Worst Comic News: 2015/02/02 – Groundhog’s Day Edition

Here are a few of the stories that have developed over the past few days that we are following for the Worst. Comic. Podcast EVER!


The original Nightwing Costume by George Perez. No way this is the one they use. That collar had to go.

The Nerdist announced that the “Titans” live-action series based on the show that made John a collector has started casting and we now know the roles of the some of the main characters. Robin, (Dick Grayson) recently estranged from Batman and looking to head out on his own, will lead the group as Nightwing (not sure how long until he takes that name). Barbara Gordon will be the team’s tech support. Babs will be in the wheelchair that she used in the comics as Oracle. Here she will be the former Batgirl and it is uncertain how she went from the cape to the chair but I’m sure we will find out. Hawk and Dove will appear on the show in the form of Hank Hall and Dawn Granger and the pair will be romantically linked. The original duo was Hawk and his brother Don. They were not romantically linked. Rounding out the group, at least initially, will be Raven and Starfire. They only appear towards the end of the first show but I’m certain they will have big roles. Chance of a Nightwing-Starfire-Barbara love triangle = 100%.

A video featuring a rapidly improving Norm Breyfogle has been posted to youtube and has thrilled his fans and supporters with clear signs of vast improvement. To read more about Norm and his situation, including efforts to financially support him through this time, head over to this article at Paste Magazine.

They are not kidding about the hot wings. Art by John Romita, Jr.

They are not kidding about the hot wings. Art by John Romita, Jr.

Superman debuts new costume and power – USA Today talks to Geoff John’s regarding the changes that he and John Romita Jr. are putting Superman through. My guess is that he will be able to take his stored solar energy and focus it explosively outward. He will then have less power for a while as he charges back up. Just a guess. The costume has a few cosmetic changes – not so armored – but the skivvies are still on the inside.

Here is the slightly extended version of the Heroes Reborn trailer over on E! Apparently there is a kid that can turn on the Northern Lights. Oh and HRG is there. And some dude with binoculars. Not much else to see but they haven’t even started filming the 13 episode return to the show that had an amazing first season and then other seasons. Fingers crossed here.

Please wear this. Please wear this. Please wear this. She is not going to wear this.

Please wear this. Please wear this. Please wear this. She is not going to wear this.

According to an article in The Wrap, fan favorite Carrie-Anne Moss will be joining the cast of Marvel’s Netflix series “A.K.A. Jessica Jones”. Best known for Trinity in the matrix, Moss brings a well-known face to the cast of a show with a less well-known titular character. This follows up the earlier news from Marvel.com of the addition of David Tennant to the cast which set the Dr. Whovians all atwitter. Not sure if Moss will be kicking as much butt as she did in the Matrix but I’d probably stand back a bit. You’ve been warned.

What stories are you following?

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