Marvel Saga Issue 4 – Of Gods and Mutants!


Welcome to Marvel Saga, a new monthly podcast from the creative minds behind Comic Reflections and the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!

Comic Reflections, hosted by Nicholas Prom, looks at comics from the Silver and Bronze Ages. The Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!, co-hosted by Jerry McMullen, is a weekly show looking at comics, movies, and TV shows with reviews, previews, and interviews.

In this issue, Dr. Donald Blake finds a stick in Norway, Xavier meets Magneto and the first team-up between Namor and Doctor Doom!

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  1. Jerry & Nicholas – Just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I’ve been enjoying the MARVEL SAGA PODCAST! I started collecting this comic with issue #2. I was already a Marvel fan, but wasn’t too knowledgeable of the amazing history of the shared universe. This comic came at the perfect time for this young collector!

    Seven years ago, I wrote a blog post about Marvel Saga and sense memory. If you have a moment or two, feel free to check it out.

    And here is the follow-up. :)

    I’ve really enjoyed each of your episodes. You cover the story in enough detail to bring back memories, without getting too bogged down. I also enjoy the side discussions about the art and history of the creators involved!

    A tip of the hat to Diabolu Frank! He directed me to your show. Really, really enjoying it and look forward to each episode! Keep up the great work!


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