Aaron Stanford Panel – Kansas City Comic Con 2016

KCCC_Aaron-StanfordAt the 2016 Kansas City Comic Con, John had the opportunity to host a panel with actor Aaron Stanford, who has been featured in 12 Monkeys, Nikita, and as Pyro in the X-Men movies.

On 12 Monkeys. Aaron stars as James Cole, one of the two time-travelers tasked with preventing the Army of the 12 Monkeys from destroying all reality.

John asks Aaron about getting started in the business, what he looks for when reading for roles, and how he handles the fame as a result of his career. As always, anytime we host a panel in Kansas City, the subject of barbecue comes up in the discussion.

For more information on Aaron Stanford, follow him on Twitter.

We are quite thankful to Aaron Stanford and the Kansas City Comic Con for giving us the opportunity to host this panel and many others. Check back this week as we will be posting more panels from the convention. We are the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!, and we hope you enjoy the show.


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  1. any way to burn this to a CD? I only have a computer at work, and cannot listen to it there.


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