I’ve Got Issues — You Counted the Pumpkins?

Welcome to November! Cooler temperatures outside is a time-proven excuse for staying inside and reading some comics. Trust me, I think I have a ready excuse for any situation as to why I should be reading comics instead, because I’ve Got Issues! For this week’s reviews, there are some familiar titles on the list. I say goodbye to two titles, and I give a pass on another. I would love to hear your thoughts and reviews for the books on my list!

grayson5Grayson #13

Script/Plot: Tim Seeley and Tom King
Pencils: Mikel Janin
Inks: Hugo Petrus
Colors: Jeromy Cox
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual

All right, this book got a lot of attention online when it came out over the first two pages of the issue. A naked Dick Grayson is undergoing a full-body exam by two women to make sure he is not bringing any tracking equipment into Spyral. Some lewd comments here, a few double entendres, there, and the next thing you know, the Twitter-verse explodes over charges of sexist attitudes, emotional flashbacks, and censorship. Here’s my take:

  1. No one is forcing you to read this comic! EVER! If you don’t like what you read, if you find fault with the book, if it brings up bad memories, then put that book down and walk away. I’m sorry if this book was a negative experience for you. Personally, I enjoyed it.
  2. You do have the right to complain. Share your thoughts on social media, or talk to your comic book retailer. Do whatever you think need to do (within reason) to work through whatever issues you have. But do not get upset if not everyone else agrees with you. You have your opinions, and I have mine. That’s how the world works, people. If you are really that upset, than speak with your dollar and stop buying the book. Plenty of other books you can spend your money on. Or just send that money to me and I will buy more books.
  3. What happened on those two pages is nothing new. Would there have been as much outrage if it was a naked woman being examined by two men? This book has been pushing boundaries since it started. The initial advertisement campaign was, “You Don’t Know Dick!” Every issue, Tom King and Tim Seeley find a way to present a shirtless Dick Grayson, and you could start a drinking game based on the number of references made about Grayson’s rear end. The tone of the book was no different than any of the previous twelve issues.

Bottom line, it’s a comic. Relax and enjoy it. There are way too many other things in life to be worried about more than this particular issue.

sipkids4SIP Kids #4

Story and Art: Terry Moore
Colors: Steve Hamaker

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this book. I received by DCBS box on Friday with 18 comics in it. SIP Kids #4 was the first book I read. SIP Kids #4 was the only book I read twice. And I may not be done reading it yet.

Once again, Terry Moore has taken the legendary characters from his first hit, Strangers in Paradise, and has re-imagined them as seven-year-old kids. Channeling his best Charles Schultz, the kids of SIP embark on their Halloween adventure. Francine, of course, is a princess; Katchoo doesn’t see the point in dressing up in costume; and David meanders around as a surfer attacked by a shark. Other familiar faces pop up in the issue, making me consider yet another re-read of Strangers in Paradise this winter.

Sadly, this is the final issue of this quarterly project. It’s a financial decision by Moore, and I get it completely. That said, I wish more readers had found this title. These characters are too enjoyable not to be featured in an ongoing book.

uncannyavengersUncanny Avengers #1

Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Ryan Stegman
Colorist: Richard Isanove
Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles

A week or so ago, I read Avengers #0, which was a preview of the various Avengers comics coming out with the new Marvel (re-)launch this fall. I hadn’t planned on reading Uncanny Avengers #1 when it was first solicited. I think it was more a case that a lot of other books seemed more interesting to me. When it came out, I heard some positive buzz around it, so I decided to pick up the first issue and give it a try.

I should have stuck with my initial decision. I wasn’t that thrilled with the book. It’s a rather odd assortment of characters thrown together to be an Avengers squad. Steve Rogers looks like Cotton Hill in a S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform. Spider-Man appears to be the sanest person on the team, and he is seen leaving the group by the end of the issue. This reads more like a Defenders title than it does an Avengers title. I know this is not my father’s Avengers team. It’s definitely not my Avengers team. I’m sure there will be some readers (Attention Deadpool fanbase!) that will love and support this book. It just won’t include me.

weirdworld5Weirdworld #5

Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Mike Del Mundo
Colorist: Mike Del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

I’m going to be brutally honest and tell you everything I didn’t like about this book. No, it’s true. I had issues with this title!

  1. Not enough pages. This was a regular-sized issue. Truth be told, this could have… no, SHOULD HAVE been a Giant-Size Weirdworld.
  2. This is the final issue of this incarnation of Weirdworld. Now, we are faced with a one-month wait to get to the next volume of Weirdworld. How will I ever survive?
  3. This brings to an end (for now) the creative team of Jason Aaron and Mike Del Mundo. This has been a wonderful partnership melding storytelling and art together into one beautiful creation. I know each have a full slate of books on their schedules, so we will continue to appreciate their individual talents.
  4. …. OK, I got nothing else here. If my brutal list of faults was just these three items above, then it probably means it was a good book. One you should go buy NOW! And buy the collected edition. Or make your own collected edition with Tim Benson!

Finally, let’s rewind last week, and fast-forward this week!

Last Week:

This Week:

  • Anyone watching Gotham tonight? Check out the WCPE TV listings to see what else is on this week.
  • It’s been a busy weekend for Cullen, but look for a 60 Second Review and Four Comics I Want from him.
  • John had a busy weekend, too, but he and Miranda will give us a Daddy-Daughter Review or two.
  • Just as busy as the other guys, Jerry will look at more Silver Age Supergirl adventures for Throwback Thursday.
  • The guys will be back in the studio to record a New Podcast this week.
  • The Doctor is in — Who needs a Second Opinion from Brent and Jerry?


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