Children’s Mercy Heroes!

Quick update for everyone on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. If you have a few minutes, please keep reading and watch the video.

Released back in February, the video below focused on the wonderful work done at Children’s Mercy Hospital. It even featured some of our friends, who take time out of their schedules to go down to the hospital in their favorite cosplay costumes. The video was well done, and last night was recognized with an Emmy Award at the Mid-America NATAS awards in St. Louis. Congrats to all everyone that helped put that video together, but they are not the heroes!

I mentioned some of our friends were featured. We’ve talked to Jessica Porter a few times on our podcast, and we have gotten to know Ron Coleman for all of his numerous appearances at conventions with us. These are just two of the amazing cosplayers that form the KC Cosplay community. There are so many talented individuals in our area, and many of them volunteer their time to go downtown to Children’s Mercy to spend time with the kids. It is such a thrill for the patients, the parents, and even the hospital staff to see Supergirl, Panda Ghostbuster, and a slew of Stormtroopers coming into a ward to put some smiles on people’s faces. Jessica and Ron will both tell you right away that they are not the heroes!

The real heroes are the doctors, the nurses, and the support staff at Children’s Mercy Hospital. They face a lot of hard situations day in and day out, but they do it with a smile on their face and an upbeat attitude. A lot of kids may never realize how serious their conditions are because of the amazing crew at CMH. The real heroes in life wear scrubs, not capes!

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  1. Cool. We used to donate a lot books to CMH to provide the patients and their siblings with distractions and educational experiences while in the waiting rooms.



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