Treat Yo Self Episode 5: Rose City Comic Con Edition

RW Postcard

Print by Robert Wilson IV

One of the biggest reasons I love going to conventions is to meet creators and see what kind of cool stuff they have at their tables. Not only is the merchandise usually something you can’t get at your local comic shop, but every person I’ve ever given money to is happy to personalize your purchase.

A couple of new trends in the convention circuit is for artists to offer postcards and/or prints on top of their collected works or individual issues of their recent work. I’m a sucker for the postcards. The two sets I picked up this past weekend were 5×7 sized sets from Robert Wilson IV and Matthew Wilson (no relation). These are great for unique thank you cards, invitations, or just art to put up around the house.

I’m also a fan of putting money directly into the creators’ hands. Many times we go and spend our money with retail chains or internet companies and forget the giant chunks of the transaction not making it to the creators themselves.

So go check out the swag I walked away with from RCCC, and start your shopping list for the next convention you’re planning to attend!

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