Interview with Inker/Artist Scott Williams – San Diego Comic Con 2015

Scott Williams has been working with the top talents in the comics world for over 20 years and is most famous for being the man who helped get Image Comics their distinctive style when they launched in the ’90s. He’s also worked on books for every major publisher with noted runs for both DC and Marvel. In 2012 he was the Co-Recipient of The Joe Sinnott Hall of Fame Award from the Inkwell Award committee. He also helped with the coloring chores for the Joe Madureira series Battle Chasers. (It’s great fun with a YA female protagonist!)

Here are some examples of his awesome work. The fist is a JLA cover drawn by David Finch, the second is his style over Neal Adams pencils, and the final image is of jim Lee’s cover to Justice League #4.

screenshot761 screenshot762 screenshot763

Find out more about Scott and his work by following some of the links below.

  • Scott’s YouTube video where he boils down a 45 minute inking job into a three and half minute tutorial on the art of finishing a page of art for publication.
  • Scott’s DeviantArt site

Thanks to Scott for speaking to the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!  We are looking forward to his next project with great anticipation!

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