Interview with Artist Ryan Browne – Planet Comicon 2015

From Ryan Browne’s Tumblr:

Ryan Browne is a 40,000 pound endangered silver-back gorilla. When he is not mauling various underpaid negligent zookeepers, he can be found chewing on loose bark, making shoes out of loose bark, and sometimes collecting and cataloging loose bark. After escaping down a narrow hallway from an engorged baboon, Ryan started writing and drawing funny books. His current effort is the painfully painful GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS from Image comics.

If that description appeals to you then this comic might as well. It is a surreal adventure with bizarre characters and lots of references to Die Hard. It is Mystery Science Theater 3000 with an unlimited budget for LSD. The trick in this book is not to make it fit in your logical head space but just to go with it. There is no spoon. In the interview we also discuss baseball. Go.

<This podcast has been archived. Please contact WCPE ( and we will be happy to provide you the digital file.>

Covers for Issue 1 of Volume 1, Issue 1 of Volume 2 and Issue 4 of Volume 2. Really … just go with it.

2010-05-14-1Cover  God-Hates-Astronauts-1-Cover-Exclusive  godhatesastronauts_04a

Find out more about Ryan and his work by following some of the links below.

Thanks to Ryan for speaking to the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!  We wish him the best of luck with God Hates Astronauts and we are excited to check out all his future projects!

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