WCPE Episode 036 – For March 25, 2015

A long time ago....

A long time ago….

Each and every week, the guys at the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! really do our best to do a better show. HONEST! This week, I am 133% certain that this is a much better show, thanks to the inclusion of our special guest, Arie Monroe.

Arie is a Kansas City-based caricature artist who has been drawing images for over a decade. While we have seen Arie at shows and conventions for years, this was our first chance to really get to talk to her, and we were just blown away by what we learned!

Over the hour, we talked about the challenges of drawing caricatures – it’s much harder than anyone realizes! She surprised all of us when she mentioned her time at the Joe Kubert school — YES, THAT JOE KUBERT SCHOOL! We discussed her Planet Comicon experience, which involved standing to draw all weekend long. We brought up her Kickstarter project from a few years ago, Smutpeddler, and the upcoming Kickstarter she is working on. That led into the topic about the challenges many comic creators face with trying to manage the business aspects of the comic book industry. (Arie mentioned she has received plenty of help from the Kansas City Volunteer Lawyers and Accountants organization, which provides free help for those in the artistic industry. Check out their website, http://www.kcvlaa.org/!) Finally, we get into the diversity issue in comics today, whether that be minority comic book characters and/or minority comic book creators.

Last month, we debuted a picture from Arie of the WCPE in their Avengers costumes. As seen above, this week Arie has us ready to go to our Star Wars party. These pictures are so much fun, and we thank Arie tremendously for her work on them. (Special thanks goes out to John as well, for as he put it, “Taking one for the team to make the joke!”)

Arie can be found online in numerous places. Her business is Draw Like Crazy and can be found on Facebook (facebook.com/DrawLikeCrazyStudios) and on your Google machines (http://www.drawlikecrazy.net/). When you contact Arie, please let her know that the WCPE sent you!

All right, that’s enough jibber-jabber from us. Put your earbuds in and start listening! This is the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!, and we hope you enjoy the show!

<This podcast has been archived. Please contact WCPE (worstcomicpodcastever@gmail.com) and we will be happy to provide you the digital file.>


The Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! is proudly sponsored by Clint’s Comics. Clint’s is located at 3941 Main in Kansas City, Missouri, and is open Monday through Saturday. Whether it is new comics, trade paperbacks, action figures, statues, posters, or T-shirts, owner Jim Cavanaugh and his friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find whatever it is that you need. You should also know that Clint’s has the most extensive collection of back issues in the metro area. If you need to find a particular book to finish the run of a title, head on down to Clint’s or check out their website at www.clintscomics.com. Tell them that the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! sent you.


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