Four Comics I Want For NCBD: 2015/02/11

It’s Cullen here for the Worst Comic Podcast EVER! It’s the Valentine’s Day edition of Four Comics I Want, (#FCIW), and this week we bring the love in four very different ways! So put your thing down, flip it, and reverse it while we get you in the mood for new comic book day!

Thor #5 ($2.99, Marvel Comics): I would recommend this book even if there weren’t one single word of dialogue or story in it because the art is so beautiful. Like you. Between the cover work of Russell Dauterman and the interiors by Jorge Molina this book is a study in visual storytelling. Titania and Absorbing Man show up this issue, (something is getting broken), and Father Odin finds some unexpected allies in his hunt for Mjolnir. Oh, and Jason Aaron writes it. ‘Nuff said. (12 + yrs)

Darth Vader #1 ($4.99, Marvel Comics):  Even though we saw him cut old Ben in two, fly his souped up fighter in a losing cause, stand around force choking everyone in sight, get a little fluorescent lighting on that back of that pasty grey head, try to freeze his son, and ultimately sacrifice himself fans were left wanting more Vader. Now the wait is over. Kieron Gillen, (Wicked+Divine), and Salvador Larroca, (X-Men: No More Humans), bring Vader to life in this ongoing monthly title from Marvel. It takes place after Star Wars – A New Hope and in the same time line as the new Star Wars comic. Here’s to hoping we find out how he keeps from knocking everyone over with his musky Sith odor from all those hours sitting around in all that leather. We love Star Wars. (12 + yrs)

Rachel Rising #31 ($3.99, Abstract Studios) If you love Wytches, or How To Get Away With Murder, Rachel Rising is a must read for you. Rachel solves murders and mysteries as a spirit herself after she wakes up one morning in a shallow grave and only her boyfriend as a suspect. Terry Moore, (Strangers in Paradise and S*I*P Kids), handles all of the chores for delivering this book to us and he brings the chills and thrills monthly. This book also landed on the Horror Writers Association 2012 Recommended Reading List. This issue we discover what happens to Rachel when she sleeps and won’t wake up. (15 + yrs)

Southern Bastards #7 ($3.50, Image) The South is a tough place to grow up, unless you take it upon yourself to beat everyone around you to a pulp until they fear you. Coach Euless Boss is the kind of man who can make that happen, but he’s also got to deal with Earl Tubb. The reluctant son comes home to Craw County, Alabama to find things have gotten a little weird since he left all those years ago and he’ll do just about anything he can to get out before he gets involved in something that’s none of his business. But just when he thinks he’s out, something pulls him right back in again. This is the most original crime story I’ve ever read because Jason Latour’s art makes the South look busy and in motion and is in opposition to the deliberate pacing and Southern drawl dialogue Jason Aaron, (Le sigh), writes into the tale.  This issue we find out who stoked the hate in Coach Boss all those years ago. (17 + yrs)

We at the Worst Comic Podcast Ever hope you have a wonderful and amorous week full of surprises and comics! Now grab yourself a glass of Courvoisier, your stack of comics, and slide on over by the fireplace while I spread this wampa rug out. We’re going to read these books ALL NIGHT long!

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