Bitch Planet Interviews – Kansas City Comic Con 2016

De Landro  wilson IV

At the 2016 Kansas City Comic Con, John took time out between panels to speak to two of the artists from the Image Comics hit series, Bitch Planet.

Valentine De Landro is the primary artist on the Bitch Planet series. The discussion ranged from the creation of the comic to the empowerment message that many fans are finding in the series.

Robert Wilson IV did the art for Bitch Planet #3, and John has spoken to Robert previously about this issue. So the two went over Robert’s newest project, Heartthrob, and what it is like working with Chris Sebela.

Thank you to Valentine De Landro and Robert Wilson IV for taking time out of your schedules to talk to us, and to the Kansas City Comic Con for putting together an incredible line-up of guests. If you enjoy these interviews, please check out our website to hear other panels and interviews that we have done. We are the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!, and we hope you enjoy the show.


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