Cosplay With a Cause Panel – Kansas City Comic Con 2016

KCCC_Walkin-&-Rollin-Costumes   13246284_10153753427898074_7526568167895803514_o KCCC_Elite-Supergirl   KCCC_Sloane-Withers-Marney
At the 2016 Kansas City Comic Con, Jerry had the opportunity to host the Cosplay With a Cause panel, which featured Elite Supergirl, Ron Panda Coleman, Doodlespork Cosplay, and Walkin’ & Rollin’.

Anyone can wear a cosplay costume. We see hundreds of cosplayers at each convention. The real challenge is wearing a costume and then making the world a better place. For these four, they have taken their costumed identities to inspire and challenge us to do better.

  • Elite Supergirl and Ron Panda Coleman suit up each month to visit the patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital. In addition, they have helped to coordinate the holiday toy drive for the hospital.
  • Doodlespork Cosplay raised over $3,500 in just four days time to help out the Big Slick project, another fundraising effort for Children’s Mercy.
  • Walkin’ and Rollin’ create custom-designed costumes for children in wheelchairs throughout the United States.

On this panel, we shared a lot of stories, heard from some special guests in attendance, and there were two special presentations, complete with oversized novelty checks.

We are quite thankful to everyone that participated in the panel. A big thank you to Kansas City Comic Con for giving us the opportunity to host this panel and many others. Check our website to see all of the other panels we hosted at the convention. We are the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!, and we hope you enjoy the show.


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