Four Comics I Want for NCBD: 2016/05/11

With the end of the school year things are crazy pants right now so I’m going to give you my four comics I want along with their solicits and it will be up to you to figure out why!

FCIW 4001 FCIW Adventures of Supergirl FCIW Black Panther FCIW Satellite Falling

4001 A.D. X- O Manowar #1 (of 1)  ($3.99, Valiant Entertainment), Writer: Robert Venditi, Art: Clayton Henry

From the solicit: ROCKETING OUT OF THE PAGES OF 4001 A.D., the present and future of Valiant’s #1 hero come together for an essential standalone chapter at the heart of the summer’s blockbuster comics event! How did the rise of Earth’s most powerful hero lead to humanity’s ultimate destruction? Just what was the War of the X-O Manowars?and how did its catastrophic fallout bring ruination and despair to a besieged planet? And why is the sacred extraterrestrial armor called Shanhara the one weapon Father fears more than any other? The answers to the pivotal questions behind Valiant’s planet-shaking summer event arrive here as New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (BOOK OF DEATH) and acclaimed artist Clayton Henry (IVAR, TIMEWALKER) blast two thousand years into the future of the Valiant Universe to reveal the never-before-told future history of New Japan’s dominion over Earth?and the doomed role that the X-O Manowar armor was forever fated to play in the coming war for liberation!

Adventures of Supergirl #1 ($2.99 DC Comics), Writer: Sterling Gates, Art: Bengal

When an escaped prisoner from Fort Rozz interrupts a football game, Supergirl is on the scene to take her down. But Rampage is mad about more important things than a sporting event-and no pesky super-hero can stop her quest for revenge!

Black Panther #2 ($3.99, Marvel Comics), Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates, Art: Brian Stelfreeze

The darkest chapter of the Black Panther mythos continues as Wakanda crumbles from within. Enter: The Midnight Angels! Two mysterious women leading the citizen revolt against the current regime of Wakanda, challenging not only T’Challa’s politics but also his resolve. But will their rage provide more for the people than the royal family has thus far? Written by MacArthur Genius and National Book Award winner TA-NEHISI COATES (Between the World and Me) and illustrated by living legend BRIAN STELFREEZE!

Satellite Falling #1  ($3.99, IDW Publishing), Writer: Steve Horton, Art: Stephen Thompson

A lone human survived the death of the one she loved, and escaped a corrupt Earth. She now makes her way as a bounty hunter, on a satellite full of aliens. But someone’s about to turn her life upside down… By Amala’s Blade writer Steve Horton and Star Wars artist Stephen Thompson! For fans of space opera, crime fiction and lots of things exploding! (Note: The variant shown above is by the amazing June Brigman and may not be available for the normal cover price)

As always, WCPE is happy to be publishing #FCIW with the support of Elite Comics in Overland Park, KS. William and the Elite Crew run a friendly, clean, and safe comic shop which is welcoming to all and supportive of many local and national non-profits including The Hero Initiative. Stop in, pick up these four books, and let the gang at Elite Comics know that the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! sent you over.

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