Interview with Scott Drummond from C2E2

tumblr_nrsv3exEr41tbkc20o1_r1_1280Last month I had a chance to talk to Scott Drummond at C2E2. Scott is a Kansas Citian and the creator, writer and artist of the comic Nightsmoke. In many ways, Nightsmoke has a very traditional comic feel. Your protagonist, David, is a young man that is well intentioned but gets into a bit of trouble. A science mishap, so common in comics, gives him miraculous powers. Other, less savory characters, also gain abilities as a result of the accident.

Scott has done a great job of creating a compelling narrative with a character that is enjoyable and the process of seeing David discover his abilities is a fun read. Scott is also one of those crazy creative/talented people that you just shake your head at. The guy does everything for this book. He is the writer, artist, colorist, letterer … everything. Most people cannot pull that off. He does.

Check out our interview of Scott below.

Scott is a regular at local conventions so if you head to Planet Comicon or Kansas City Comic Con be sure to look him up!  You can also check out Scott’s work at the Nightsmoke website and be sure to like the Nightsmoke Facebook page!

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