Worst. Comic. Bracket. EVER!

wcpe-avatar.jpgWho’s ready for March Madness? Join the WCPE crew with our first (and hopefully not last) Bracket Challenge! Test your predictions against Cullen, Jerry, and John over the next three weeks by joining the 2016 Worst. Comic. Bracket. EVER!

First, this is FREE to enter. You just need to sign up via the bracket pool set up over at cbssports.com. (No worries if you don’t have an ID set up there – very easy to set one up with your own email.)

You may submit up to two brackets in the WCBE pool. Make your picks all the way to the championship game, and include a tie-breaking score for the final game.

For scoring, points are awarded by the round and by the seed. For example, if you predict a #12 seed to beat a #5 seed in the first round, that correct pick will be worth 13 points (1 + 12). Conversely, if you predict a #5 seed to beat a #12 seed in the first round, that correct pick will be worth 6 points (1 + 5). So, you can be rewarded for picking the upsets all the way up until the championship game.

Now being the fun guys that we are, we will dig through our prize closet (a.k.a. our basements!) and find some prizes for the winner of the bracket! So what are you waiting for?!?!? JOIN NOW!!


The Group Password is NicCageOpenInvite

Get your picks made by 11 AM CT on Thursday, and then sit back and enjoy the ride! If you have questions or issues, send us a note and one of us will jump online to help you out!

As you get ready, here is a look back at one of John’s Worst Comic Comics from last year. Batman still remains the reigning champ, which may explain how Wayne Enterprises makes so much money.

Comic Comics 0010 - 0020_10

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