I’ve Got Issues — Give Me a Fight Worthy of my Time

I’m back with more issues. Well, it’s not like I left. I wanted to get some book reviews out the last two weeks, and do some preparation work for the start of con season. Yes, con season has started, followed very quickly by con crud season. Over the last two days, John and I spent time at the Empower Comic Con while Cullen helped out the Hero Initiative at Wizard World Portland. And in just five days, yours truly can be found front and center at the Little Apple Comic Con. I hope to see you there, and please bring along some of your issues for me to take a look at!

Darth Vader #16

Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Salvador Larroca
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

First, take a minute and just appreciate this cover by Mark Brooks. Seriously, this is so reminiscent of the classic movie posters, but still completely original. Any guesses what just became my desktop background? Anyway, this title just keeps getting better and better. This is the Darth Vader we saw in Episodes IV and V – the totally ruthless Sith Lord that will go to any extreme to get his wishes, fulfill his orders, and gain leverage over his foes. Following the events of Vader Down and picking up the story line started with the Darth Vader Annual, we see Darth Vader sent out on an assignment to bring Shu-Toran back in line. Vader starts out with his plans to annihilate all of the oil barons one-by-one until the rebellious ways are halted. Queen Trios is forced to stand up to Vader to protect her people and her position as leader of the world. Finally, we see Vader gather up a group of bounty hunters to track down, dead or alive, the one person in the universe that Vader could remotely call his friend, Doctor Aphra! I get chills just re-reading this story, and so wish we could see this on the big screen.

The Sheriff of Babylon #3

Writer: Tom King
Artist/Colorist: Mitch Gerads
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham

Again, you need to be buying this book. I said this following issue #1, and I said it again after issue #2. Guess what, it’s issue #3 and I am telling you to buy this book. Please listen to me now and thank me later! First, Tom King has become one of the hottest writers at DC in just the last few months. Grayson has been a solid success, which is opening the door potentially for Tom to take over Batman when it goes bi-monthly in June. And this title is just exploding (no pun intended) all over the place. Originally solicited at an eight-issue mini-series, it has been extended to 12 issues. Inconceivable! (And no, that word does not mean what I think it means.) As the story continues to develop, still due in large part to the incredible art from Mitch Gerads, we see that our characters have various links to each other, and they all seem to be trying to manipulate each other. Add in bombs, kidnappings, and guns pointed to the head, and it’s clear to me that issue #4 cannot come out soon enough.

Faith #2

Writer: Jody Houser
Artist: Francis Portela & Marguerite Sauvage
Colorist: Andrew Dalhouse
Letterer: Dave Sharpe

Wait a second, here! See, normally I am reading books a week or two AFTER they have come out. But now, thanks to my new best friends over at Valiant, I am going to review a book two days BEFORE it is published. With this being the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER!’s first book of the year for 2016, I just could not wait to read Faith #2 when the Valiant previews came our way. I must say, I think I really enjoyed this issue more than the first. I know I still have a lot to learn about the Valiant Universe, but I am completely intrigued by the story developing here. Zephyr is still on the hunt for the missing psiots, and finds that sometimes the real work can best be done in her civilian disguise as Summer Smith, media tabloid writer who has learned to track down a lead. In addition, the editor of the tabloid has assigned our heroine that task of watching her ex-boyfriend’s reality show. There are so many parts of this book that seem so real, I really think that Faith could be an actual person in our world. I’m anxious to see what the other guys have to say about the book this week. Be sure to tune into Friday’s podcast for our full review!

Finally, let’s rewind last week, and fast-forward this week!

Last Week:

  • Jerry reviewed David Rubin’s The Hero Book One.
  • Cullen shared his and LF’s picks for Four Comics I WantGrumpy Cat, Hero Cats, Doctor Fate, and Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Cullen kept the Comic Cards Calvacade series going with episodes 13 and 14.
  • John and Miranda take a trip to Earth-2 with their review of The Flash.
  • Need more Earth-2? Check out Jerry’s look at the Silver Age adventures of the Justice League of America.
  • The guys shared their thoughts on the Deadpool movie, plus an interview with the Little Apple Comic Con on the podcast.

This Week:

  • Is anyone else watching Lucifer? Check out the WCPE TV listings.
  • Plenty of time to subscribe to the YouTube channel and/or follow us on Instagram for our Deadpool giveaway.
  • Jerry, John, and Cullen will have multiple features this week, touching on comics, cards, and more!
  • Friend of the show Brent is stepping up with his list for Four Comics I Want.
  • The guys will discuss Faith #2, Empower Comic Con, and Wizard World Portland  on the podcast this week.

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