Four Comics I Want For NCBD: 2015/12/30

I’ve got to share some news with you, and some of you may be upset by this. Please take a seat and prepare yourself. It’s come to our attention here at the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! that tomorrow — yes, TOMORROW — is the LAST New Comic Book Day of 2015. For 51 straight Wednesdays, we have celebrated the goodness that is comic books. We’ve had weekly titles, monthly titles, and titles that should have been monthly but ended up shipping quarterly. We’ve seen a lot of #1 issues over the last year, and we’ve seen a lot of final issues, and a ton of issues somewhere in-between. It’s been a great year, and the best way to honor 2015 is to go out and buy a lot of new comic books. In fact, I will give you four books you should include in your pile.

drfate7  jl47

Doctor Fate #7 ($2.99, DC Comics): We (Cullen and myself) keep mentioning this book over and over on the podcast. Seriously, you should be reading this book for a lot of reasons. Let’s start with the intriguing story from writer Paul Levitz. This issue is wrapping up the first story arc, that’s been building up like a good hard rain. Then there’s the art by Sonny Liew. His art is so great, you would think you were reading a Vertigo title. Then there is the simple well-known fact that the golden helmet of Doctor Fate is the coolest headgear in all of comic book history. Yes, I went there. In fact, that golden helmet made Doctor Fate the coolest figure in the 1980s Super Powers line of toys. Yes, I went there, and yes, I am dating myself. Just pick up the book and see what you have been missing.

Justice League #47 ($3.99, DC Comics): This has been a long time coming for my friends John and Josh. They have both been raving about the Darkseid War storyline in Justice League for the last several months. The story itself took a little bit of a break last month, with a series of one-shots focusing on some of the individual characters. But with issue #47, the second half of the story kicks off with the return of Jason Fabok to art duties. We know that a Geoff Johns story is going to be good, but Fabok is killing it with his art. Truth be told, this is one I have been waiting on the trade for, but I’ve been secretly reading it at John’s house when we are recording podcasts. You could try to secretly read in the stores tomorrow, but do yourself a favor and pony up the $4 to take the book home with you.

ragnarok7  rrandg1

Ragnarök #7 ($3,99, IDW Publishing): This issue is kicking off the second story arc by writer-artist Walt Simonson. Let me repeat that again for emphasis. This issue is kicking off the second story arc by writer-artist WALT SIMONSON. I’ve already admitted to being old with my first recommendation above, but I will date myself even more here. I remember reading Simonson’s Thor run as it happened, getting it off of the spinner rack at E-Z Shoppe. You’ve read his Thor arc, right? So imagine Simonson revisiting that storyline, but without the Comics Code Authority signing off on every issue. Oh yeah, these Norse Gods are brutal and bloody, and I just love this title. Now you are going to need to read this book twice. The first pass is just to read the story, and the second pass is to marvel at the artwork. Or maybe you marvel the artwork first, and then read the story. However you choose to read the story, you can only do that by picking it up in stores tomorrow.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot #1 ($3.99, Marvel Comics): The world is filled with incredible duos that work well alone, but are magnified when combined together. For example, peanut butter and chocolate. Starsky and Hutch. Heck, even Turner and Hooch. And now we need to add Rocket Raccoon and Groot to that list. The breakout stars of Guardians of the Galaxy, the two heroes have been starring in their own solo titles for the last year. But you just can’t keep these two apart for very long, so Marvel has finally given them their own book together. So according to the solicits, there is a new criminal mastermind in the universe, and it happens to be Rocket. When asked to comment on his friend’s activities, Groot was reported to say, “I am Groot.” Skottie Young has been having a lot of fun with these characters, and Filipe Andrade’s art is the perfect compliment to complete the book. So you have two choices with this title. You can buy it tomorrow, or you can wait a couple of weeks and then hope and pray that your retailer gets a second or third printing in when you realize what you missed out on by not buying this book on the last New Comic Book Day of 2015. You have been warned!

As always, WCPE is so happy to be publishing #FCIW with the support of Elite Comics in Overland Park, KS. William and the Elite Crew run a friendly, clean, and safe comic shop which is welcoming to all and supportive of many local and national non-profits including The Hero Initiative. Stop in, pick up these four books, and let the gang at Elite Comics know that the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! sent you over.

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