WCPE Gift Guide For The Comic Geek In Your Life

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are recovering from a food induced coma in the warmth of your home right now. Now that the fun of family and feast is behind us let the anxieties of gift giving begin! Don’t fret, gifters! We here at the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! are givers and we’re going to help you score the right points with your intended recipients this year. We’ve put together a list of things you can get your comic geek which will delight them and show how much they mean to you. The beauty of the list is only one selection requires you to be showered and participating in social norms! We’ve also tried to put together a budget conscious list giving you a wide range of options for your wallet. Peruse the list between naps and be ready to complete your shopping this year in record time!

(Cullen) The Hero Initiative $1 – ???

fb hero logo

We believe in taking care of our own here at the WCPE. We’ve been volunteering for the Hero Initiative for the last decade in the Midwest and now we’re trying to help get the word out in the Pacific Northwest as well. Giving a donation/gift in someone’s name is honorable and meaningful. The Hero Initiative is a federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. Hero creates a financial safety net for creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. It’s a chance for all of us to give back something to the people who have given us so much.  You can click the link in this post and go directly to their donation page and give ANY AMOUNT you desire to help them meet their mission.





(Cullen) Your local comic book shop $5 – ???

Comic Shop Locator Service

Putting money into your local economy makes a difference. Your local comic shop is part of that local economy. You can find a lot of what we’re recommending today in your shop, but you can also find some really amazing stocking stuffers or big gifts not listed here. If you’re not sure where your local shop is we’ve provided you with a link to a website which will remedy the problem! Just enter your zipcode and it will find the closest shops around you. There is a special event happening this Saturday in many shops across the country called “Local Comic Shop Day”. It’s a new event that calls attention to independent comic book specialty stores, celebrating their unique and vital role in being the primary fire-starters of pop culture. Pop Culture begins in your Local Comic Shop! On November 28, please stop by any of the 385+ participating local comic shops to buy unique, exclusive items and to join in the celebration.




(Cullen) Comixology eGift Cards $5 – ???

screenshot883A lot of people get their comics digitally to read on their phones or tablets.  You can now purchase eGift cards through the premier digital comic resource on the web. The perfect gift for any occasion delivered instantly, or on the day you want! Sharing the love of digital comics has never been easier. Comixology eGift Cards will be delivered by email and are redeemable on thousands of books at comixology.com and participating websites powered by comiXology. Plus, their eGift Cards have no hidden fees or expiration dates!







(Jerry McMullen) Fred Hembeck eBay store $10 – $100

Hembeck Christmas

Fred Hembeck has worked for Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Fantaco Enterprises, First Comics, Krause Publications, Fantagraphics Books, Eclipse Enterprises, Topps Comics, Two Morrows Publications and Archie Comics. His style is whimsical and light with a lot of attention to detail. His individual art cards can be found in his ebay store and would be a one of a kind gift for the geek in your life.








(Cullen) The Hero Initiative Lend A Hero Hand Shirt $20


If you want to get some swag for your donation to the Hero Initiative there is a great promotion on the Teepublic site with tons of options for colors and cuts for men AND women AND children! DO IT!







(John) Justice League Paper Clips $20

screenshot885“Just like the forces of good that bind the members of the Justice League together in a common purpose, these Justice League Paper Clips – featuring The Flash, Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern – are the heroic way to keep things organized in your own Hall of Justice!”








(John) Batman Arkham Knight Batarang Letter Opener $25


From the Think Geek website; “This Batman Arkham Knight Batarang Replica Letter Opener was created using 3D files from the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. Made from lightweight metal, it measures around 7″ long and will let your postal solicitors know exactly what you think of them. This batarang is not intended for throwing. But who are we kidding? We’ve met you. Please do not aim this at other humans. What you’re buying from us is a Letter Opener. Letter. Opener. Got it? Good.”





(Jerry) Marvel Epic Collections $25 – $30


These are some of Marvel’s greatest tales collected in trade paperback form. Think of these as Marvel Essential Trade Paperbacks in color! There are over a dozen collections so there is something for every fan in your house!







(Jerry) Star Wars Family Car Decals $30

Star Wars Window Decals

I know some people are not fans of stick people decals, but they’re decidedly less annoying than the run of the mill political bumper sticker and this set is STAR WARS! I do think they need to add Jawas and Ugnaughts for those of us with more than a couple wee ones. Whatever your family looks like you can represent with these awesome car decals!









(Jerry) Custom Bound Comic Collections $30 – $70

Amethyst-DJWe promise you’ll never give a gift as original and unique as a custom comic binding. You send your individual books to Houchen and they send you a beautiful, professional looking book full of your babies. We can’t recommend this enough for your comic collecting super hero. Jerry and John have both had books bound and they love their finished collections. From the Houchen Bindery website; “Our experience and wide range of abilities makes us a great choice for binding comic books. We offer solutions to every request, though most books we bind are rounded, backed with hard cover boards, and covered with a cloth or laminated image to give your books a unique appearance. Whether you want a cloth covered book, a graphic cover, or storage and accessories, we can help get your collection started.”




(John) Alias Omnibus $55

Alias Omnibus

You’ve heard a lot about the Netflix show Jessica Jones, but now you can read the source material in one newly published omnibus with extra features from Brian Michael Bendis created specifically for this volume. If you have no idea who Jessica Jones is or what Alias is about you can read Jerry’s review of the omnibus here, and John’s spoiler-free talk about the Netflix series here. This series and character will be around for a long time so get in on the ground floor of this exciting adventure!








(Jerry) Batman ’66 Blu-Ray collection $99

Batman Video Box Set

There are so many reasons to own this series! The iconic imagery of the sets and the over the top performances from a wide variety of talented celebrities makes this a must have for the Bat-fan. The price will fluctuate until Christmas but we’ve seen it for $99 in a couple of places now. The set includes all 120 episodes plus a ridiculous amount of cool tchotch like a replica Batmobile, 44 vintage trading cards, and an episode guide narrated by Adam West. Check it out and see why this version of the caped crusader has endured in pop culture.





The Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! is proudly sponsored by Clint’s Comics. Clint’s is located at 3941 Main in Kansas City, Missouri, and is open Monday through Saturday. Whether it is new comics, trade paperbacks, action figures, statues, posters, or T-shirts, owner Jim Cavanaugh and his friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you find whatever it is that you need. You should also know that Clint’s has the most extensive collection of back issues in the metro area. If you need to find a particular book to finish the run of a title, head on down to Clint’s or check out their website at clintscomics.com. Tell them that the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! sent you.


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