Four Comics I Want For NCBD: 2015/01/28

Wednesday is NCBD (new comic book day) in most of the USA and it brings weekly volumes of graphical goodness to all the comic loving girls and boys! This week I have four books that I am waiting for in particular and they are from four different publishers and creative teams.

Mind MGMT #30 ($3.99, Dark Horse Comics): The ongoing adventures of psychic agents of various governments and clandestine organizations continues in issue #30 (Preview). The series is heating up as superstar artist/writer Matt Kindt has already announced that he is looking to wrap up this run of the story to work on other projects. The solicit for this one says: Finally, the true history of the enigmatic Eraser is revealed—and her shocking past will ignite everything in the present. The final war is here! Kindt’s storytelling is amazing but for me it is the plotting that really sets his work apart. The word ‘intricate’ comes to mind as all the weaving plot lines and interacting characters come together in ways that I never could have predicted but was so clearly planned from the beginning. This is going to wrap up in epic fashion.

Thor #4 ($3.99, Marvel Comics): Just two weeks after Star Wars #1 exploded into comic shops, writer Jason Aaron is back with another story that is sure to capture our attention. Thor #1 introduced us to the new holder of Mjolnir, a female Thor but she has not met the Odinson, the original Thor. From the preview of this one, he really does not want anyone holding what he perceives as his hammer and he comes off as a god-sized jerk about it. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that the Odinson is about to get his Winged Helmet handed to him before the end of this issue. Can’t wait. Oh and artist Russell Dauterman’s work is gorgeous. This book is rocking right now.

The Multiversity Guide Book ($7.99, DC Comics): This book promises to gives a road-map of the 52 worlds of the DC multiversity from the mind of superstar Grant Morrison. We have the New 52 superhero Earth 0 that has been featured across most of DC over the past few years but also Thunderworld with the Shazam family, Earth 18 of the old west and Earth 19 with the superheroes showing up in a Post-Victorian world ruled by King Edward. Lots of work by different artists here but this book is the reason that we buy stuff from Grant Morrison. Check the preview.

Bitch Planet #2 ($3.50, Image Comics): Issue #1 from the team of writer Kelly Sue Deconnick and artist Valentine De Landro blew me away last month. I’m serious when I say that this comic will be winning all kinds of awards and best of’s by the end of the year. Comics in general are telling some of the best sci-fi stories out there and this book is right up there. It shines a light on our culture and dares us to look into it. It shows a world that is practically on top of us for some and to which others are completely oblivious. What happens to a woman that promotes herself or challenges the status quo or dares to be non-compliant? In this possible future, these women are sent to a prison world, affectionately nicknamed Bitch Planet. This book is going to thrill some people and it is going to rub some people the wrong way. Jerks are going to be coming through the interwebs to moan about how wronged they are. Good. That is what great literature does. Here is a preview of issue 2.

So there are four comics I want to pick up tomorrow. How about you? What will be in your pile tomorrow?


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