Four Comics I Want For NCBD: 2016/04/27

With so many comic books being released every Wednesday (New Comic Book Day), the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! hopes this feature will be a guide, alerting you to books that you may not have realized are due to hit the spinner rack this week!

Black Canary #11 ($2.99, DC Comics): The beauty of this book has been its daring art and different take on Dinah. Of all of the books born from the DCYou line this one has constantly pushed me to see the character differently thanks in no small part to Brenden Fletcher’s writing. The T.V. version of the Black Canary character would be a lot more interesting if they borrowed from this incarnation. The true scope of what Dinah’s up against stands revealed and it’s an infernal evil that’s out of this world! What did this sinister presence do to Dinah’s missing mother…and what horrible bargain has the mysterious white ninja made with it?

Cyborg #10 ($2.99, DC Comics): The new creative team comes on board this issue with veteran Cyborg writer Marv Wolfman penning the story and a talented trio of artists are handling the art. The cover artist is Guillem March and I feel like just based on the art on the front of the book alone we’re going to see a significantly more powerful Cyborg as DC prepares to make him a regular member of the A-lister club. The government has confiscated Cyborg’s technology by imprisoning him. But they have no idea just how powerful Vic Stone has become and neither does Cyborg himself! New abilities are revealed as Vic makes the prison break of the century! But even with his newfound powers, can he stop what’s going to happen next?!

We Are Robin #11 ($3.99, DC Comics): This series continues to deliver fast-paced action as the final story arc begins to come to its Gotham-shaking conclusion! Gotham City may be a place of violence, but it is also a place of heroes. With Smiley and the Jokers trying to take away everything the Robins hold dear, now’s the time for them demonstrate their value to their city and to each other.

Micronauts #1 ($4.99, IDW Comics): I AM SO PUMPED FOR THIS BOOK! Micronauts was an amazing toy line during the late ’70s, accompanied by a great comic book by Michael Golden and Bill Mantlo from Marvel. The products were based on a 1974 Microman toyline from foreign toymaker Takara. Given these were based on Japanese designs no kid in America had ever seen anything like this before so when my friends and I finally got our hands on them, we lost our minds! The colors and playability were unreal. Then the Star Wars franchise came along and people and companies lost touch with the heroes and villains from inner space. The licensing sat dormant for a lot of years with Image Comics trying a series in 2002 – 2003 and Devil’s Due Comics releasing a single series in 2004. This time around IDW is publishing the book with fan and tiny robot aficionado Cullen Bunn at the helm writing this series and David Baldeon doing the interior art.  THEY CAME FROM A DYING UNIVERSE! ACROYEAR, SPACE GLIDER, BIOTRON and their allies are back, on the run from the evil BARON KARZA, and blasting through a universe where magic and science vie for control! With resources dwindling, the long-lost TIME TRAVELERS may hold the key to salvation? but will it mean armageddon for our world?
For a complete list of all of the new books coming out tomorrow, check PreviewsWorld for the weekly shipping list.

As always, WCPE is so happy to be publishing #FCIW with the support of Elite Comics in Overland Park, KS. William and the Elite Crew run a friendly, clean, and safe comic shop which is welcoming to all and supportive of many local and national non-profits including The Hero Initiative. Stop in, pick up these four books, and let the gang at Elite Comics know that the Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER! sent you over.

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