2016 WCPE Tour Dates!

wcpe-avatar.jpgYou remember last week when I started this feature saying that it’s been a crazy couple of days? Yeah, about that, it got even crazier for yours truly between last Monday and today.

Last Tuesday, I was involved in a multi-vehicle accident on the highway. I was injury-free, as was everyone else involved this past week. However, the McMullen-Mobile did not survive the encounter. The costs to repair far exceed the market value of my car, so I have been spending every free moment over the last five days trying to find a new set of wheels. Which is definitely cutting into my reading time for the week!

So, it an attempt to put together something for today, I figured this would be a good chance to fill you in on where we will be at on the convention trail this upcoming year. You may have seen me, John, and/or Cullen out on the circuit already in 2016, but there are still plenty of opportunities to meet up with us in the near future. Bookmark this post, as we will update it as new dates are booked!

Been There, Done That!

February 20-21: Wizard World Portland Cullen was proudly helping out the Hero Initiative all weekend. He got to help legendary Batman writer Denny O’Neil and his wife throughout the weekend, as well as meet a lot of great creators.

February 20-21: Empower Comic Con John and Jerry attended this first-year show in Topeka, KS. John hosted multiple panels both days, including the chance to talk to the Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner.

February 27: Little Apple Comic Con Jerry flew solo at the first year show in Manhattan, KS. He hosted two panels – the first on Kickstarting comics, and the second on artists of the Midwest.

March 18-20: C2E2 John hitched a ride with friend-of-the-show Tim Benson of Houchen Bindery to attend the big show in Chicago. John interviewed lots of guests, including legendary DC artist José Luis García-López!

Coming Soon!

April 7-8: Emerald City Comicon Cullen will be making the rounds on the show floor Thursday and Friday in Seattle. If you are working the cosplay, he will want a picture!

April 30-May 1: MEGA Comic Con This is a new show to the con scene, setting up shop in Lebanon, MO. Jerry is headed down, and may be joined by John and frequently mentioned friend-of-the-show Brent!

May 7: Free Comic Book Day – Once again, John and Jerry will be taking part in the FCBD activities at Clint’s Comics in Kansas City, MO! We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

May 20-22: Planet Comicon This is the big one! Cullen will be returning to Kansas City for this one. We will be working the Hero Initiative table, hosting panels with comic guests, and maybe, just maybe, a LIVE recording of our 100th podcast! Seriously, you want to be at this panel!

June 11-12: Smallville Comic Con Jerry and John will be heading out to Smallville (Hutchinson), KS. We can’t wait for the opportunity to speak to guests Marv Wolfman, Helen Slater, Eric Roberts, and more!

July 8-10: O Comic Con John and Jerry were blown away last year by this first-year show in Omaha, NE. (Yes, it was across the river in Council Bluffs, IA. Got to represent, friend-of-the-show Carl Smith!) We are excited to see what this show has planned for 2016 but expect WCPE to be right in the middle of things. Who wants another podcast with the Doug and Eddie Show?

August 12-14: Kansas City Comic Con Jerry, John, and Cullen are making big plans for this show. Expect more panels and interviews. Should we plan on another live podcast recording?

September 10-11: Rose City Comic Con Jerry will be joining Cullen at this up-and-coming show in Portland. #roadtrip! We need to plan on a WCPE-Comic Reflections meet-up podcast with Nicholas Prom!

November 11-13: Eugene Comic Con Cullen is making plans for another trip to Eugene, OR, for this second-year show!

Now, this list may not be done yet! We still know of a few more events that we may add to the list later this year. Drop us a note in the comments below and let us know which shows we will see YOU at this year!

Finally, let’s rewind last week, and fast-forward this week!

Last Week:

  • Aguila (Class of ’79) was featured in the Superhero Yearbook.
  • Jerry picked his (Final) Four Comics I WantFaith, Jughead, Past Aways, and X-Men ’92.
  • More Comic Cards Calvacade entries from Cullen with episodes 25 and 26.
  • Did you love the Supergirl-Flash crossover? So did John and Miranda, as we saw in their review on our YouTube channel.
  • Throwback Thursday once again had the novel idea of teaming up Batman with Superman!
  • Did we fool you last week? We didn’t release a single podcast. We released TWO podcasts! Episode 91 was a collection of interviews John did at C2E2 with many DC Comics creators, while Episode 92 was our look at Faith #3, BvS, and more interviews with Valiant creators.

This Week:

  • Is there a comic show we have overlooked? Let us know and we will add it to the WCPE TV listings.
  • John is giving up his pick for Four Comics I Want!
  • Jerry, Cullen, and John have plenty of features planned for the week.
  • If the stars align right, we should be interviewing a Marvel artist in studio. Who could it be?

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3 replies

  1. We should go out for dinner or something when you are at O Comic Con! It’s awesome you are coming again!
    Your fan Randy Andrews!


    • Randy, we have already started planning on some kind of group dinner that weekend. Last year, John and I went to Quaker Steak and Lube both nights for dinner because 1) it was nearby, 2) we do not have one of these in KC, and 3) if our wives were with us, they would frown on our food choices. I’m sure there are plenty of other great choices in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area. If you have suggestions, we are all ears!


      • I can think of a few places. Cantina Laredo in Midtown Crossing, or Puerto Verdas on Broadway in Council Bluffs. If I had enough room, I’d have you guys over to my house but I don’t know if my wife would go for that. I’ll let you know if I think of any other places. There is J. Coco by Legend Comics and coffee, I think you have to have reservations for that though.


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