I’ve Got Issues — He Didn’t Have I.D., Sir!

I found a great way to catch up on some comic book reading. Have your baseball team win a World Series, have the city shut down for the parade, and spend your vacation day with the kids out of school reading comics. (Sure I could’ve gone, but I think I can give you 800,000 reasons why it was better to stay home and watch it on TV!) Sadly, this method will only happen once per year, and that’s only if your team wins the World Series. Hopefully, I won’t go 30 years between comic book reading days like this one!

So this is I’ve Got Issues! I really want your feedback on the books I’ve read, or tell me about some of the books you’ve been reading!

PAPERGIRLS 1Paper Girls #1

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Cliff Chiang
Colors: Matt Wilson
Letters & Design: Jared K. Fletcher

Let me start out right away by acknowledging that Paper Girls #2 just came out last week. I’m behind in my reading! But after reading Cullen’s take on issue #2 for Four Comics I Want last week, I moved issue #1 up to the top of my read pile.

Paper Girls is a period book from the late 1980s from Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang. In this era during the early years of cable television and before the Internet, the newspaper was a critical part of the American life. A paper was the way most people got their news – local, national, international, sports, weather, entertainment and more. Your local paper had it all. And critical to the paper’s success was the delivery aspect. Readers could wake up each morning and find their paper on their driveway, delivered in the early hours by a network of paperboys.

However, in this story taking place in the suburbs of Cleveland, there is a new group of paper girls delivering the paper. And on the night of November 1, 1988, there are a lot of strange things going on in their neighborhood. Strange people are walking the streets, wrapped in robes and bandages, speaking a strange language, and carrying iPod Nanos. Try to tell me you are not interested in finding out where this story goes next!

SHIELD 11S.H.I.E.L.D. #11

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Howard Chaykin
Colorist: Edgar Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna

First, I have really been enjoying the S.H.I.E.L.D. book each and every month. Mark Waid has been issuing orders, with different artists picking up the assignments each issue. This format allows a lot of different artists to come in and give their take on characters from the comic book and cinematic universes.

This issue, we get the talented Howard Chaykin, who has been drawing comics for many years. Chaykin is one of those people that most people have a definitive position on – they either love him for his numerous works (American Flagg!, Satellite Sam, American Century), or they dislike him for the topics and opinions expressed in his comics. I tend to lean towards the favorable position, primarily because of his take as the artist of the first Star Wars comic book back in 1977.

This issue features the return of Dominic Fortune, a spy/mercenary that Chaykin created for Marvel in the 1970s. Fortune has had a long career, with adventures dating back to World War II. While the character history of Nick Fury has been updated over the years, Dominic remains firmly rooted in his past, which makes for numerous running jokes in this issue. As for the story, Fortune finds himself seeking out S.H.I.E.L.D.’s assistance in removing a infestation of Hydra agents from his riverboat. Getting to see Chaykin drawing Fortune once again is worth the price of admission here.

startrek50Star Trek #50

Writer: Mike Johnson
Artist: Tony Shasteen
Colorist: Davide Mastrolonardo
Letterer: Neil Uyetake

As a kid watching the original Star Trek in reruns, I had a set list of “favorite” episodes that I would hope to see after school. Of course, any episode involving Klingons, Romulans, Tribbles, or Harry Mudd were on my list. But my absolute favorite episode was “Mirror, Mirror”, in which members of the Enterprise crew travelled into another dimension, which had it’s own version of the Enterprise, but that crew was all evil and mean. You could tell by the changed costumes and the mean-looking goatee on Spock.

Over the years, the Mirror Universe world has been revisited in the Star Trek novels and in some of the comics. I recall a really well-done story by DC Comics in the early 1980s helped reinforce my love for the concept. Flash-forward thirtysome years and we are treated to Star Trek #50, which has been featuring adventures of the crew from the new movie universe. FINALLY, we get IDW’s take on Mirror Universe with the Chris Pine-led crew. This is the first of a multi-issue story arc, so get it now to see how this version of the story spins out.

Finally, let’s rewind last week, and fast-forward this week!

Last Week:

  • Cullen and LF return with another review of Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Cullen made his picks for Four Comics I Want that fit in well with the spooky week.
  • John and Miranda are back with more video reviews of Supergirl and Flash.
  • Jerry offered up his thoughts on Peter Parker’s last adventures in the 1960s with Throwback Thursday.
  • Still basking in the glow of a World Series victory, the guys talk Star Wars #11 and trigger warnings in the comics with Episode 70 of the podcast.
  • Brent loves Doctor Who. Jerry watches Doctor Who to humor Brent. Then we discuss the show in Second Opinion.

This Week:

  • Are you watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Tuesday night? Check out the WCPE TV listings to see what else is on.
  • Cullen and Lochlan will be taking a look at the new Nova #1 for 60 Second Review.
  • Brent’s back with Four Comics I Want on Tuesday. Not to spoil anything but expect at least one reference to Doctor Who. Maybe two….
  • New Supergirl episode? Check. New Flash episode? Check. NewDaddy-Daughter Reviews from John and Miranda? Check!
  • Jerry is really hoping to finally get that promised look at Super Powers for Throwback Thursday this week.
  • The guys will be back in the studio to record a New Podcast this week.
  • Who writes Second Opinion? Brent and Jerry do; as for Who, he’s on first.

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